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DrumSands Publishing has an agressive marketing and promotions team that will attract customers to your product...
        DrumSans Publishing is ready for your business! As the Owner/Executive Director, I have been writing and self publishing since 2002.  I obtained my Journalism Degree from Southern University at New Orleans(SUNO) in 2001.  I began working with local magazines in New Orleans, where I interned for a short time until opportunity presented itself and I was offered full time employment with the local school board.  I was always driven and I never let opportunity pass me by if I could help it.  I began to familiarize myself with local political hopefuls, offering to use my connections (which I did not have at the time) with publications to get them exposure.  I quickly learned the ropes and I include them into my weekly segments
     Hustle and sheer determination afforded me an opportunity to get a job as a full time public relations contact for one of my political clients.  I was not satisfied with the role and desired to write stories.  I wanted to be paid big money to write stories.  Well as the saying goes "You've got to crawl before you walk."  I  have been writing poetry since age twelve and as situations would have it, poetry became more than just a way to past time or a talent that only a select few noted poets were recognized for.  I mean, who wanted to be a starving artist?  I for one did not.  I had two mouth's to feed and I had hopes and big dreams.   
    I started to contact large publishing houses to find out how someone such as myself could get a book deal, (LOL).  I mailed out letters and I got no response.  So I did what I do best.  I started to write with hopes of putting out my own stories.  I started reading everything I could get my hands on and looking for ideas and topics.  As I said, poetry was hot in 2000, so I took to the stage one night and I was bit by the bug.  I had an audience and I wanted to please them week after week.  Soon I connected the dots and I realized that I had a degree and I was capable of doing for myself anything that the large publishing houses could do for me.  Including marketing and booking events.
    Long story short, I am on the second publication of Emergent Twinge ( I lost all of my inventory and connection to the local printers that I used as a result of  Hurricane Katrina 2005), and I am having my second book edited as of today.  I was released Spring 2011. 

If you have a dream or an idea and you are looking for a publishing company that is willing to give you the personal attention that you need..., then you are in the right place.  No Bull!


                                                                                                       also visit: www.motherhelpers.net 
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